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C.C - USA said:
Aside from the abundance of knowledge and skill building pointers I learned from TEFL course, I personally feel the sense of accomplishment and eagerness to apply this new found knowledge in the teaching field. The purpose of me taking this course is to teach english in hong kong. My fiance' had moved out there a year ago for work and I've been looking for employment there as well. Teaching english is the best fit for me in Hong Kong and hence the beginning of TEFL. I love being around children and is looking to teach that level when I get the opportunity to. I will revisit my notes and course work for pointers and look for additional ideas on the internet from experience teachers as well. Honestly, I thought that the course would be easy at first and that teaching english would be simple but there were a lot of things that I didn't know or take into consideration... very simple things that are very important and essential to teaching. Lesson 15 with the video was my favorite lesson because I was able to see the huge difference between a good teacher and a bad one. I am aspiring to be the better one - thank you TEFL and James for the guidance and ability to do so.