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C.R - S.Africa said:
Firstly, I gained huge insight into gaps in my own english grammar education and knowledge. Had english been so much fun at school I would have gone on to study that rather than sciences. I learnt that the teacher plays a pivotal role in motivating students and in nurturing a love of a language (we had a terrible teacher at school). The way you have done this course has shown me that teaching can be fun for students and for the teacher teaching the language. Thank you for lots of good ideas and websites! How will I take this further? I am not too sure. We live on a farm in SA, this is as stable as it gets. But I am working on my husband to go to thailand for 2 years and then come back to stability. Let?s see how that goes? If we would do this now; I would start off slowly with simple lessons and then with experience and some insight into teaching foreign language students I hope to be able to implement most of what I have learnt and more over time. I had to really persevere with this course. Juggling 3 very busy children and ? job with was not easy. I hope it stands me in good stead going forward and that I will have an opportunity (maybe even here in SA as I speak Zulu too!!!) to use the concepts that I have learnt. Thanks!