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C.W - Germany said:
I found the grammar units very good. It showed me the areas I needed to focus on and why. If I had just sat down with a grammar book I would have been lost and tried to learn everything. The grammar units also showed me the uses of the grammar being learnt and how this is important to the students, as they are learning by function (what it is used for) and not necessarily memorizing a tenses table with all the different options. Lesson planning was a very important topic and the practice in writing them, was also very useful. I found it was only then that I actually was forced to think of every minute in the class room. It shows me how to switch between activities and the importance of having not just study but activate activities and the important of timing and approximating how long an activity might require. I am sure that I would have had very board based grammatical learningif it was not for this course. I would of had no ideas regarding testing and I found the tips in the unit very useful. Class management and how the change the dynamics in the class room were also very informative. Something that was very helpful in a lot of unit was the addition of web pages where we could find more information or that we could used to produce activities i.e. a word search, cross word etc. Last but by no means least, is the CD. I found it fascinating to see the difference in a class when the teacher is teacher to their needs and engaging them. The addition of lists with so many activities was also very helpful and I am sure that my TEFL file will form a well used reference file for me when I am thinking of activities to use in the classroom.