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C.L - Vietnam said:
a good review of english grammar (always important in teaching english) --a good review of pedagogy (characteristics of students/good teachers / teacher roles, which will make me a better teacher) --a good review of teaching pointers and methods --will more carefully use the basic ESA stages, etc. --will use the pair / group practice methods more --helpful suggestions for the engage and activate stages --w/c will make my classes more interesting and the material easier to learn and remember --a good reminder of the importance of listening for the accented words and phrases (they will never learn to understand every word but will do well to learn to listen for the accented words and phrases) --the study of articulation was important to me --the emphasis on variety and the usefulness of carefully chosen authentic materials was helpful --the reminder of the importance of continuity and clear progression, despite varied methods and authentic materials was also good textbook, adapting/supplementing it with God-honoring, profitable, and interesting material in order that the student enjoy learning english. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP, MR. JAMES. best WISHES, Your student