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K. Y. - Hong Kong said:
From a teaching perspective, the course has allowed me to see and understand more clearly the differences in cultures, backgrounds, and personal experiences, and how this may affect a student's own learning experience. I have also learnt how vital it is to engage students by utilizing their own personal interests and culture as a way of encouraging them to learn, as this allows them to see the benefits of putting their newly discovered english skills into practice. From a grammatical point of view, I had in all honesty forgotten or actually never realized quite how complex the english language is (given that it is my native language!), thus undertaking this course has allowed me to either remember or learn various grammatical structures that were previously forgotten or simply assumed. I plan to use this course as a starting point to become a kindergarten/primary school teacher in the local schools here in hong kong teaching english, and potentially if I plan to travel and work in other countries in the future. I would eventually like to undertake further study such as completing a teaching degree, as teaching children full time is a career I am really interested in pursuing. This course has provided a strong foundation for me and has given me a great introduction into the world of teaching. I am really excited to now put these skills into practice!