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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J. P. - South Korea said:
By taking this TEFL course, I have gained valuable teaching skills that detail the techniques and skills required by a teacher in a classroom. From basic teaching theories to methods and techniques, I have learned to look at a classroom setting in both the teacher and student perspective. It is important to take into consideration all the aspects that factor into a successful classroom environment, however small or irrelevant they may seem at the time. Lesson planning, for example, can be a real pain but it is necessary to oversee and track the course contents. To plan ahead and make adjustments, it provides valuable information to the teacher and students alike. I have also taken away from this course a solid understanding of english grammar and phonology. Thus far, english was simply a spoken language that never had been technical. However, by understanding and realizing the contents of grammar and phonology, the structure and the basic breakdown of it became clear in my mind. It is now not just a spoken language but a language that speaks with meaning and thought. I am currently teaching english and I have already begun putting into action what I have learned and taken away from this course. When planning a lesson, I have made sure to include all Engage, Study and Activate stages. Though I haven?t followed a specific ?ESA? or ?Patchwork? (etc.) approach, I have devised my own way to best suit my classes. It is also the case that when students ask me direct, simple and basic grammar-related questions, I am able to answer them in a way that is easy to understand by breaking down its components. Prior to this course, I had no idea why a certain structure was the way it was and did not even think about it much. It was just because it was the way it was. Overall, the contents that I have read through and studied has been rooted inside my head and when an opportunity or a situation arises, it is sure to reconnect and bring to light methods, solutions and even perception into the equation. As a classroom is an ever-changing and a different environment everyday, a new and unexpected circumstance is sure to occur. But by having understood the basic teaching theories, methods and techniques, along with its basic language awareness, a good working knowledge of the general class setting has been grounded. This course has provided me with a very useful and important theoretical and knowledge-based content on teaching a foreign language.