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A.B - Canada said:
This course has greatly increased my confidence in my teaching abilities as a future ESL teacher. The grammar lessons helped me to both review the material as well as view it in a way that will allow me to teacher it to others. The lessons on teaching technique were practical and will certainly be adopted into my future teaching style which will benefit both me and my students.The advice and teaching experiences provided by my tutor gave me additional scenarios that I may encounter which I can prepare myself for. His feedback regarding my work helped me fine tune the knowledge I?ll be utilizing in the future. Overall I feel that this course has provided me with a necessary technical knowledge and teacher tested wisdom that will help me succeed in my future career as an ESL teacher. I plan on teaching english in South Korean public schools in the near future. I will keep the course materials in my reference library to periodically review in order to become the best teacher that I can be.