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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

E.M. Italy said:
The course was very effectively divided into grammar and teaching techniques, and I learned a lot about both. As an american english speaker, there are many language rules I had either never studied or had forgotten. It was very useful to see the verbs diagrammed and dissected so logically, so I will be able to explain them to students. Since I worked in a large corporation for many years, I attended numerous courses and seminars. I could relate many of the activities to things I had experienced, and I hope that will help in my teaching process. I also studied italian as an adult before moving to italy, so I am well aware of the stages and frustrations students will encounter; the resources and ideas for teaching were very helpful. I will probably begin by looking to work for one of the private language centers here, to gain confidence with teaching methods. But following that, I would like to run my own teaching and translation business. My plan is to take the business english course now, and to focus on recruiting corporate clients, leveraging my 20+ years in the corporate world. It will be important to search out current, relevant materials for use with adults, and to ensure the activities used in the classroom are not too juvenile. As you stated, it will be important for me to remember that I am the english expert ? Confidence is key. Experience will help create it. I look forward to beginning.