Our Course Options

International TEFL and TESOL Training opens the door to a wide range of options for completing your TEFL certificate – you can literally adapt your TEFL/TESOL teacher-training to suit your lifestyle and expectations.

In-class course

ITTT works with TEFL International to provide comprehensive, intensive four-week in-class training courses.

As the cost of living can be considerably lower abroad than in many western countries, the centers at many of our locations are able to offer their training courses at very competitive prices. Savings made on items such as accommodation, food, drink and entertainment during the four weeks are additional benefits of attending the course overseas.

Trainees studying with ITTT have the opportunity to experience the feeling and atmosphere of living and working abroad. As the centers are housed in the same buildings as language schools, trainees have a good opportunity to see the way a language school operates and to meet and talk with experienced teachers actually working in the industry.

Trainees are 'on the spot' for any job vacancies (of which there are usually many) at language schools in the country.

The center provides a comprehensive career advice service and help with finding that crucial first teaching position.

The training center provides accommodation at a very low price to trainees who require this service. The accommodation will usually be in a hotel, an apartment or pension shared with other teacher trainees or teachers close to the training center.

The course has a practical, 'hands-on' format, and provides the trainees with the actual skills that are necessary in the classroom.

International TEFL and TESOL Training has training centers in a number of attractive locations on every continent, including Thailand, Spain, Italy, China, France, Australia, Egypt, Costa Rica, Vietnam...

Online course

ITTT offers a number of options for TEFL/TESOL courses that can be completed online with no physical attendance at a training center required. Trainees can choose a course either with a personal tutor to guide them through the learning process, or they can work their way through the course independently.

The ITTT online courses are open to anyone who has a native-level English ability, and include job guidance on completion. They allow course participants to study at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home or even while travelling. TEFL certification can be completed with little disruption to daily life, preparing graduates for their future teaching career.

Combined course

For those looking for a more functional, hands-on approach to the online certification course, we offer a combined course option. This is, in essence, the best of both worlds for those who cannot immediately make the jump from their daily life into a full-time intensive in-class course but who wish to have more practical teaching practice time.

The combined course allows students to study the theoretical aspects of teaching and grammar, etc. followed by in-class attendance for between seven days and two weeks at one of our training centers.

The online component allows participants time to absorb the information of the course content and gives them time to prepare for the move abroad. Attendance at our training centers after completion of the online material then gives them the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice.

Specialized courses

International TEFL and TESOL Training has two specialized courses designed for teachers who are already TEFL/TESOL certified:

  • Certificate in Teaching Business English
  • Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners

TESOL Diploma Course

The TITC online TESOL Diploma course is the most advanced online qualification that we offer. The course is for practicing teachers or those who wish to achieve a higher level qualification having already completed a certificate-level TEFL/ TESOL course.