Combined TEFL Courses

Traditionally TEFL certificate courses have been offered either as 4-week, intensive courses in a classroom setting or as 100% distance learning. These forms of learning do not always suit everyone’s requirements, methods of learning or time availability.

This course is ideal for those students who don't work to their best potential in intensive learning programs or for students who don't have 4 weeks to commit to an intensive course.

International TEFL & TESOL Training can see benefits to both forms of study and in an effort to provide a greater range of options for those wishing to become TEFL certified has designed the combined course.

Our combined course unites our online and residential course. The course allows you to study the theoretical principles and theories of teaching and language awareness at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home/office and also gives you the time to absorb the theories of EFL teaching.

Once the online component has been completed, it is then complimented with attendance for a short period at one of our training centers to gain practical classroom teaching experience, with observation of your lessons by an experienced teacher trainer. Attendance at one of our training centers gives you the opportunity to put the theory you have learned in the online course into practice.

The online element of the course can take between two weeks and six months to complete (depending how quickly you choose to work through the course) and comes with full online tutor support. Attendance for teaching practice at one of our training centers is for five, eight or ten days.

The eight-day and ten-day options include at least six hours of observed teaching practice (OTP) with feedback from the teacher trainer who has watched your class. The five-day combined course does not include OTP, but you are offered the option of completing some unobserved teaching practice at a later date.

Attendance at our training centers in Phuket, Bangkok, Rome, and Barcelona is for ten days (no attendance at weekends), while it requires only eight days at our centers in New York (#1) and Paris. Our 5-day combined course option is also available in a wide range of great locations across the USA and Canada.

Completion of the combined course results in full TEFL/TESOL certification. ITTT combined courses meet all international standards, and you can be assured of the highest standards and quality wherever and whenever you choose to attend your teaching practice.

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Course Information

Main features:

  • The freedom to study the theoretical part of the course online, anywhere in the world in your own time.
  • A personal tutor to provide you with comprehensive support.
  • Professionally trained and experienced tutors.
  • Online videos showing practical classroom experience involving qualified teachers.
  • On location training and practice with students.
  • An exceptional employment guidance and global placement service.
  • Post qualification career advice and teaching support.
The in-class training and teaching practice components consist of:

  • airport greeting and transfer upon arrival (in most locations).
  • comfortable, private accommodation.
  • lesson preparation guided by qualified, experienced teacher trainers.
  • comprehensive lesson planning, lesson evaluation and feedback.
  • additional training sessions on language awareness, teaching skills and classroom management.
  • observation of experienced teachers in a genuine classroom environment.
  • all course and teaching materials.
  • observation of peers' teaching practice with actual students of English.
  • additional career development seminars.
  • access to support services and online teaching materials.
Course Aims:

The Combined TEFL course aims to provide a solid foundation for teaching English. Upon completion of the Combined course, graduates will have a good working knowledge of the English grammatical system, a sound awareness of the skills and teaching techniques required for successful language teaching and experience of teaching actual students of English.

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