Recommended Reading

The following books have been found useful by many teachers, during both their TEFL course and teaching careers:

The Practice of English Language Teaching, by Jeremy Harmer (Longman)

How to Teach English, by Jeremy Harmer (Longman)

English Grammar in Use, by Raymond Murphy (CUP)

Practical English Usage, by M. Swan (OUP)

Practical English Grammar, by A.J. Thomson and A.V. Martinet (OUP,1990)

Collins, Cobuild English Dictionary (Collins)

How English Works, by Swan/Walter (OUP)

More Grammar Games, by Rinvolucri and Davis (CUP)

Grammar Practice Activities, by Penny Ur (CUP)

Grammar Games and Activities, by Peter Watcyn-Jones (Penguin)

The Resourceful English Teacher, by Chandler/Stone (Delta)

Teaching English Abroad, by Susan Griffith (Crimson Publishing)

It is certainly not essential to have all (or any) of the above. However we would particularly recommend books by Harmer and Murphy.