Trainers and Trainees

The Teacher Trainers

All of our teacher trainers have been involved in teaching and teacher training for a number of years. They are all still active teachers and therefore are fully aware of the classroom situations facing EFL teachers today.

Each in-class group will have input from a number of trainers during the course. Trainees will also have the opportunity to observe the trainers teaching classes of native students during the course.

For our online students, should you choose to have a online tutor assigned, he or she is available throughout the course to answer any questions that you may have, as well as providing any help that you may require. You are welcome to contact a tutor by email at any time and you should receive a reply within one working day.All online tutors are also experienced teacher trainers and English teachers.

The Trainees

Due to the flexibility of all the options you have through International TEFL and TESOL Training, our programs are ideal for people from all walks of life; from university students abroad on their year overseas, students on summer or winter break, professionals looking for a career change, working and stay-at-home parents, etc.

Applications are welcomed from all interested parties, regardless of nationality. The only requirements are a proficient level of English and a willingness to adapt to the intensive nature of the course, should you chose to attend one of our inclass courses. A degree isn't necessary to attend, but some further education experience is an advantage. ITTT has trained teachers from many backgrounds and ages with great success. We consider it our responsibility to guide trainees to successful completion of the course.