Living and Teaching English in Guatemala - Habits, Customs & Curiosities

Guatemala is one of the most visited countries in Latin America due to its beautiful natural landscapes and fascinating culture.

The demand for qualified English language teachers is also very strong, making it a great place to start an exciting EFL career.

This guide covers a range of information, including recommended vaccinations, the best places to see in the country, the best time to travel, as well as the local food and tipping culture.

As Guatemala is a Spanish speaking country, we also recommend having a look at the Spanish language section before you leave.

When traveling to Guatemala, be sure to have a valid passport and check up on your routine vaccinations. It is also recommended to get vaccinations against typhoid and malaria.
Guatemala is a great place to explore Mayan ruins, hike volcanic trails and visit coffee plantations.
Teach English In Guatemala
Spanish is the official language so it’s a great idea to practice some basic words and phrases before your trip.
Also be sure to order some local food, such as Chile rellenos, empanadas, tamales or tapado stew.
SOURCE: Wandershare
Teach English In Guatemala

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