Asia General TEFL Jobs in Asia General

The Asian continent offers a remarkably diverse range of experiences and opportunities to a qualified EFL teacher. In many Asian countries there is a huge demand for English native speakers and some of the highest paying employment in the industry.

Anybody with a university degree and a TEFL certificate should find a wide range of opportunities. Industrialized nations such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan have western-style economies and a high standard of living, while developing nations like China, Vietnam and Thailand offer lower salaries but perhaps a greater variety of cultural experience. Asia certainly has something for everyone and your time there is likely to be unforgettable. Students in most Asian countries are very respectful to teachers, further enhancing your experience.

In some of the poorer countries of the region (particularly the Indian subcontinent) paid employment is very difficult to find and most teachers in those locations are there on voluntary placements (a local wage may be available).

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