Classroom Management for Teaching English as a Foreign Language - Common Issues


There are some other classroom management issues that we need to consider and they may include issues such as writing on the board, giving students individual attention, the use of teacher talk time, the way in which we should give instructions to our students, the building and maintaining of rapport with our students, and finally the one that perhaps most new teachers particularly spend a lot of time worrying and thinking about, is the issue of classroom discipline. So what we'd like to do is to take each of these in turn and look at some of the major issues surrounding these classroom management issues.

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Grammar is the minefield of language education. There are so many rules to be taught, that it is best done piecemeal. Loading up non-native speakers with rules like this unit only servers to confuse learners. Instead rules should be taught slowly, one by one, as student's mastery increases. Start with simple nouns and verbs in present tense. As students get used to this introduce different tenses. Once students are comfortable forming sentences, introduce conjunctions to combine them or prepositions to elaborate on them, and so on.