Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Continuous - Usages


The two most common usages for the present continuous tense as it relates to speaking about things in the present. We have actions in progress at the time of speaking, specifically right when it's being said. So I can say ?I am teaching right now.? However, we also have actions in progress around the time of speaking. ?I'm reading a good book.? Now, of course I'm not reading a book just now but I started reading a book in the past I am reading it perhaps today sometime and I'll finish reading the book at some point in the future. Again, I'm not doing it just now but around the time of speaking.

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This has been a very hard unit.It is surprising how we take for granted the complexity of the language we speak .This unit made me think about the way verbs should be used and why they should be used that way.↵It was a kind of introspection which shed light on why students can make mistakes and how to rectify them .It also made me think of the differences between different languages and the tendency of students to apply their own language structures to new languages that are being learnt and how difficult it is to change these patterns