The Past Tenses - Past Simple - Mill Drill Activity


This video is part of our series on the past tenses in English. We start off the series with the past simple tense. In this video, we show you how to execute a mill drill activity for this tense. Here, the teacher provides the students with a survey or questionnaire with statements in the past simple tense. The students then go around the classroom and ask other students about their past experiences.

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The basics on what officially makes a good student or teacher, the official levels / stages of student development and the motivations that drive both groups. I found this batch of information to be rather obvious and question its true usefulness in the classroom as within each class there will always be a mix and match of motivation levels, student proficiency etc and therefor categorizing thier level serves no purpose. ↵The roles that a teacher will take during different lessons and the strengths and weaknesses of each. ↵