Aid vs Aide - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


This video covers the difference between 'aid' and 'aide'. These two words often cause confusion for English learners due to their similar meaning and spelling. The word 'aid' refers to something that helps, such as teaching aids or a first-aid-kit. The word 'aide', on the other hand, refers to a person, a helper. So, remember that 'aid' is used for things and 'aide' is used for people.

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In this unit, I have learned additional information about the varying degrees of certainty of may, might, should, ought to, and must. Also, I have learned the subtle but clear distinction between Type 2 separable transitive phrasal verbs and Type 3 inseparable phrasal verbs. It is with the addition of another preposition after the phrasal verbs sometimes make me confused. I am very thankful that this is covered in this unit. Now, I can explain confidently to my students why there is another particle after a transitive phrasal verb.