Cite vs Site - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


This video covers the difference between 'cite' and 'site'. These two words often cause confusion for English learners due to their similar spelling. The word 'cite' is used as a verb and means to make reference to someone or something, like citing experts in a paper. The word 'site', on the other hand, is used as a noun and describes a location or place, like the site of an earthquake or the site of a war. We are sure you won?t confuse the two words again.

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This unit covers some of the most common teaching aids and classroom equipment and how to make the best use of them. The unit emphasizes the need to make sure to know how all the equipment that I plan to use works before I actually need to use it. In the classroom, everything needs to move smoothly to keep the student's attention. I really like the idea of getting students to film little skits or short episodes with their smartphone cameras or the school's video camera. I think this would be a great way to get students to have fun!