Historic vs Historical - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


This video covers the difference between 'historic' and 'historical'. These two words often cause confusion for English learners. The word ?historic? refers to something or someone famous and/or important in history, such as historic attractions, historic figures or historic events. The word 'historical', on the other hand, describes history itself, such as historical events or historical evidence. These are simply things that happened in the past and they weren?t necessarily important or famous.

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The lesson reviews some common types of classes that may be taught. These include teaching children, beginners, individuals, and business classes. It reviews common problems each class may have. For instance business classes may experience irregular participation even with motivated learners due to family and work commitments, while children's classes require more repetition and slower, clearer, and exciting classes. The unit also discusses common motivations of students and ways to direct the course to fit a certain classes needs.