Look vs See vs Watch - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video Linda breaks down the difference between "look", "see" and "watch". The differences surrounding these three words can be quite difficult to understand for non-native English learners. However, this video looks at the three words in detail breaking down exactly how to differentiate between them.

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This unit 14 is about different ways of evaluating students'levels and progress.There are a number of ways:tutorials,evaluation by the students,tests.Different kinds of tests: placement tests,progress tests,diagnostic tests,practice tests.General English,Certificates in ESOL Skills for life for those who have moved to Britain,i.e. English for immigrants needing it as a second language.Business English.General external examinations:TOEFL,IELTS,TOEIC.There are a number of different categories of Cambridge exams:KET,PET,FCE,CAE,CPE.