White Elephant - English Idioms


The idiom "white elephant" refers to an expensive item that is costly to maintain, for example: Shortly after Tanya inherited her aunt's castle, it turned out to be a white elephant she could not afford. The phrase originates from a long time ago when white elephants where regarded as precious and even holy in Asia, especially in Thailand. When the king was displeased with someone, he would gift them a white elephant as the upkeeping would likely ruin them.

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In this unit, I learned the ins and outs of using a course book. Using a course book removes much of the burden from the teacher of having to develop all of the material on their own. Using a course book has other advantages as well, but it also has many disadvantages. In this unit, I learned that it is important to be conscientious of how much one is relying on a course book. It is also important for a teacher to be critical of their methods and materials to be sure their lesson plans are equipping students as well as possible.