How to Pronounce 'AMPHIBOLOGY'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word amphibology. This word refers to the ambiguous meaning of sentence due due to confusing grammar patterns. A good example for this would be He sees more of his children than his wife. This sentence is an amphibology as it has two meanings. It could either mean that the husband sees his children more often than his wife sees their children, or it could mean that the husband sees his children more often than he sees his wife.

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Unit 4 describes a group of Present Tenses ( Present Simple, Present Continuous /Progressive, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous). It provides a detailed structure of affirmative, negative and question sentences. Further, the usage of each time group is discussed. All of it helps to refresh your basic grammar knowledge. However,for us,future EFL teachers, the most important parts of the unit were sections where the most common student mistakes are discussed and paragraphs with some teaching ideas for the Activate stage.