How to Pronounce 'DETER' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word deter. This word is used as a verb and means to discourage someone from doing something, usually using doubt or fear. Synonyms for deter include prevent, stop and avert. The word comes from Latin 'deterrere', a word formed with de- ‘away from’ and terrere ‘frighten'.

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This lesson showed me how to teach different students, the different techniques that could be used with different groups. The lesson gave examples of monolingual, multilingual classes, individual learners, young learners and business students.Each group needs special attention and with all of them we need to take it into special consideration. For example young learners have shorter attention span, business students have different motivation. I found this unit very useful-it will help a lot while preparing for ↵future lessons.