How to Pronounce 'GIBE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word gibe. This word can be used as a noun and as a verb. Used as a noun, it describes a taunting remark and when used as a verb it refers to the action of making a taunting or insulting remark. Synonyms for gibe are taunt, sneer and insult.

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In a classroom, we must know when to be firm and when to leave students alone. This is what this unit developed here as Classroom management. We can elicit rules such as Eye contact, gesture and the voice; Grouping students; Classroom arrangement; Writing on the board; Giving individual attention; Teacher talking time and student talking time; Giving instructions; Establishing rapport; Maintaining discipline. Finally be a good teacher doesn't depend only to someone study background but also the ability for this one to manage a class.