How to Pronounce 'PUNDIT' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word pundit. This word is a noun and refers to an expert in a particular field who is often consulted by others. Suitable synonyms for pundit include expert or specialist. The word has found itself into the English language from the Sanskrit word 'pa??ita' meaning ‘learned man'.

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This unit showed real world videos of students' reactions to and ability to learn from different teaching styles. It goes without saying that engaging students with positivity does wonders for their self-esteem, and eagerness to learn. Learning under stress is never easy, nor enjoyable. You can see this is in the first video, and how relaxed and easy things seem in the second. I will always try to put my students first, regardless of how I may be feeling in my personal life. I know that it is my job as a leader to serve my students.