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First of all, I want to say Thank you for ITTT in giving me this chance to learn such a nice course for the last 3 months.Here we are going to talk bout several ways to encourage our ESL students. There are a lot of reasons why a ESL student would feel discouragement and desperate. I have taught ESL students for about 2 years in an English training center. From my own experience, The most desperate thing is that your students lose their interests of learning. This is caused by different things. First, your rapport with the student. A good rapport is the begining of everything hapeens later. I've seen many cases that the student has never come after an unhappy class. So make sure you have an awareness of building a great rapport with the students. Several ways we could do are smiling all the time, be polite and flexible, try to find their motivations and interests at the very begining. The second one would be teacher's teaching skills. Could you make your class fun and meaningful at the same time. Students could enjoy the class a lot and going back home with a ton of new things they've learnt from you. Also, show your encouragement all the time, either gestures or words, this will enourage them a lot. Because teachers in China always think you should be great, so they will punish students that "bad" students everytime in schools. So it's a great oppotunity for you to break the ice and show your respect to students. The third way, track their study process regularly. Sometimes Student will feel desperate when they get problems and there's nobody there for them, help them move on. So I suggest at least a study progress checking every week to see if they need any help from your side. And also, besides solving their problems, you need to encourage them as well. I've heard a lot of students said, Ican't even give you a simple sentence to describe this. Should I quit learning English? I'm the one without the talent of learning. If you get into this situation, the first thing is that you need to confirm them from several different successful examples to show them that everyone has the ability to learn. Then you guys need to work together to find a suitable way for him or her to study. Never agree what they are saying about quit learning. The final one, prepare some learning tips regularly. I've been doing it since my manager told me to give it a try. And I found that this is a really good way to encourage them to study. But it's a little bit complicated. First you cannot prepare just 1 learning tips for every students. At least you need to break it into 3 levels, beginners, intermidiate and upper-intermidiate. For beginners I will probably prepare some new words with fun pictures and also some daily sentences their could use. For Intermidiates, I will find some useful grammar point they are learning right now. For Uppers, some slang phrases and phrasal verb is highly welcomed. So if you want to do this, there's a plenty of work you need to do. But also you will get a lot in return. And also they will be encouraged as well. These are I think 4 important ways to encourage ESL students to keep studying. Hope I could find more ways to do it and be a good teacher in the future.