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In modern society, the English language is now spoken globally. According to latest studies, more than 350 million people around the world speak English as a first language and more than 430 million speak it as a second language. There are 67 English speaking countries, making English the most popular language in the world. Knowledge of the English language opens the door to a world full of important information, entertainment, profitable purchases and interesting acquaintances. For example, according to the, a site which explores the usage of content language for websites, English is used by 56.5% of all websites. Considering that, the knowledge of English opens the opportunity to explore information in English, as well as to check the opinions of the foreign experts, read academic research or to check the foreign news. Also, you can discover lots of useful information from English YouTube channels, ranging from basic cooking videos to serious research in any field. A knowledge of English can help you greatly in building your career and enriching your resume, making you a more valuable candidate on the job market. According to BBC statistics, those who know the English language can earn an average of 8-10% more, than their non-English speaking counterparts. Companies whose activities are connected to international projects and contracts, are likely to hire more people with a perfect knowledge of the language. Almost all international companies have English as a basic language. Therefore, if you a have a good knowledge of English you can more easily find a better job abroad, or in an international company. Also, if you want to study abroad in the best UK or US universities, knowing English is a must. A vast amount of academic literature is published in English, and normally gets translated into other languages in 5-7 years time, or later. A knowledge of English is not just the opportunity to read academic literature in a timely manner, but also enables you with the chance to publish your own works. A knowledge of the English language provides great opportunities for people who like to travel, because you can easily speak to the local people and find out about their history, and experience the culture and generally make sightseeing much easier. It can also give you access to information you can't get without knowledge of the language, for example if you were to get lost and need to ask for directions. The best movies, books, music, TV-series and TV-shows are in English, so the knowledge of English gives you the opportunity to watch and read the original versions. Whilst watching original movies you can enjoy the voices of the actors and intonation of the dialogues, as well as untranslatable English puns and quirks of humour. Also, the knowledge of English allows you to be aware of the latest news, to read foreign magazines, newspapers and journals. Finally, due to the latest modern processes and development of various international processes, the knowledge of the English language is a real necessity as it gives you a great amount of advantage. In modern society the knowledge of English is important for professional growth and prosperity. The newest and most advanced business and academic literature is primarily published in English and this important factor has influences on, not just one particular person, but on the whole civilization.