Teach English in Dongfeng Zhen - Alashan Meng — Alxa

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Evolution I started my path as an ESL instructor with one to one lessons. In fact, I didn’t even have in mind that I would become an ESL instructor someday. I loved learning the language and those experiences I got from my self-learning helped me to find out ways and example to explain in a very clear way what I was learning to my friends and relatives. I always liked English I did everything I could I order to understand books or magazines written in this language. I used to listen to music even though I didn’t understand a word. I just like its sounds and I wanted to be able to speak someday. It was in this process that I get many useful skills. It is hard to study by oneself but to be honest I enjoyed a lot because I learned how the language worked and I was able to teach in a very simple way to my friends that same thing that took me hours in just a couple of minutes. It was here that most of my friends told me “you should teach this to others”. They found my teachings very useful and efficient so that is how I started it. My friends where the first students enrolled into my home classes. They come for a couple of hours and then left. It was because of them that others became familiar with my services so I got more and more students. Something they really like is that I created customized lessons for them. They always choose that. Challenges arose when different levels of students came to my place. I did not have enough experiences as to separate my students into levels or even set placement tests for them. So I have to admit that I learned in the hard way. I started to loose students as they were told by my other students that I was great on teaching but when I used the same skills with them it just didn’t work well. The evolution arises when I decided to train myself. I know experience helps a lot but training makes the process faster. I started to make lists of techniques used by my best teachers. I started to learn more about language levels of study and so on. It took time and effort but it was worth it. I came to realize in the hard way that constant training is needed in order to offer a better teaching service and if I as a professional am not doing anything I would lose everything I got so far. I applied every single thing I learned right away to my teaching and of course those changes were visible. I would say that one to one teaching sometimes even more effort because we have to use our time wisely in order to plan our customized lessons. No matter how many years of experience we can have teaching it is always crucial to keep on getting training and trying new techniques with students.