Teach English in Ekenhuduge Zhen - Alashan Meng — Alxa

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Going into teaching English as a foreign language can be seen as a challenge some are willing and excited to take. The challenge into diving into the unknown should be motivation enough for a teacher of English to get started. Preparation and motivation go hand in hand. Having the right material ready and a planned out lesson plan would be ideal. Still, motivation in the classroom consists of the students as well. A motivated teacher with unmotivated students is not a recipe for success. Motivating a student into learning a foreign language starts within the student. Each one of them might have a different reason why they’re in a classroom learning English. Everyone has particular interests too and it is important for those interests to be discovered (through questionnaires for example). Finding out what interest’s students then blending it into class lessons creates a steady source of motivation. Some interesting topics could be animals or clothing. Pictures added on to a puzzle can make a boring worksheet into something that may feel less of a chore. These students might want to work in the United States one day and that might be the purpose that motivates them People enjoy games and teachers need to get their students actively participating for the language to properly stick with them. Thus, games are ideal for classroom, group, or pair work. Teachers monitor and learn how their students use what they learned first hand. Some students may be too shy using their new English skills. Praise may bring out confidence. That confidence and further lessons will eventually bring the confidence out of them. Games should be social and not be predictable or boring. Challenging students on a variety of skills would keep them on their toes. Confidence comes with motivation. For a student, the potential to access a different strange world they would otherwise not understand should be alluring and exciting. When a student reads the newspaper headline in a language that isn’t theirs, a sense of accomplishment can be felt because that newspaper is real and the reward of learning the language is shown clearly to that student. Everyone wants the fruits of their labor. Tests and paperwork may bore students and the teachers teaching. Bringing in an authentic material to the classroom can be a treat to the students. If I brought something from the United States, I would tailor it to the interests of the students. If I discover someone likes American superhero movies, I might save a few clips and have the class watch in order to reinforce a point in grammar or provide further vocabulary word. The teacher doesn’t provide all the motivation but rather unlock it from a student’s interests. When a student is interested in what their doing, confidence is sure to follow. Feedback may help the teacher get a clearer idea on what a student’s needs are. Maybe they’re not getting enough vocabulary to confidently say what they want. Not all students are the same and confidence wouldn’t have to show up immediately. To equip students with the knowledge of language, motivation will be the aid that promotes good test scores or a successful score in the external tests (Cambridge Assessment for example). A motivated teacher with a motivated classroom can succeed in whatever the aim and goal is.