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Vocabulary is defined by Linda Diamond and Linda Gutlohn as "the knowledge of words and words meaning". Considering the overall variety and number of English vocabularies, one can say that vocabulary learning is one of the most significant tasks in EFL classes, and it has always been a tiresome and difficult work for both teachers and learners. With this wide range of vocabulary teachers sometimes get lost and can’t find a way to gradually deliver those vocabularies that his/her students need. However, there are some approaches and necessities that a teacher should consider while teaching vocabulary. The first approach is to consider teaching basic and general vocabularies. With this method into consideration teachers focuses on those vocabularies that is being used over and over in EFL classrooms and in general daily conversations. Teachers should provide their students with enough vocabularies and make sure that they have no problem in speaking basic and simple English language. This will be an effective teaching method and enough language knowledge for those learners who stay their entire life in a non-English speaking country or for those who are in their first stages of language learning. The second approach is to take learners beyond their classrooms and beyond their non-English speaking country. In this method teacher should prepare his/her students with enough vocabulary to encounter with native speakers with almost no problems. Teacher have to predict most of the situation and problems that a learner might face in an English speaking country or with a native speaker. The teacher’s role in this approach is very crucial and he/she have to bring all the required contexts, scenarios and exercises into classroom. An example of this approach can be a role-play exercise in an airport or in a restaurant. Contextualization plays an important role in affording the best environment to teach these kind of vocabularies in EFL classrooms. This will be a productive way to widen your learner’s vocabulary knowledge range and prepare them for traveling to an English speaking country or to interact with native speakers more confidently. The third and the last approach is teaching specialized and advanced vocabularies. Sometimes teachers have to provide special and advance vocabularies to their learners in order to help them in their future study or projects. An example can be vocabularies in the field of science, business, literature, politics, etc. Teachers have to be careful in this approach especially in the large classrooms, since the topics and vocabularies might make the lesson dull for some of the learners who are not interested in that particular areas of study. as a solution, teachers can only teach basic and important vocabularies in that fields of study and he/she shouldn’t go deep down into details. This approach will be effective for those students who are in an advanced level of language learning and willing to continue their future studies in English. Controlling and managing vocabulary knowledge is not something easy and it may require great efforts both by the teachers and students. One can benefit from these previous approaches to manage vocabulary teaching and successfully select the right vocabularies in the right time. Almost all learners go through all or some of these previous approaches in his/her language learning stages, yet it is also important and more productive for both teachers and students to go through these approaches step by step and one after another. That way learners won’t get confused and their minds won’t be filled with difficult vocabularies that they don’t know how to use it correctly. vocabularies are the essence of every language in the world, all the other structure and other studies of language are there just to help us organize that essence properly. Teaching and learning vocabulary can be a tedious and hard work. However, patience and organization is all is take to be an effective and successful procedure.