Teach English in Wusitai Zhen - Alashan Meng — Alxa

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the material has a big role in teaching job and also for the learning process. this materials gives the learner an obvious image about the goal of the lesson and also it gives a clarification about the subject that he's going to learn . like a general idea we can say that this materials it prepare the learners brains . also it can even be a reason for making the learners  vocabulary rich . because when the learner see a real thing with it's name . or he/she see the action or the movement even the behavior . here the learner will memories this nouns or verbs or adjectives very quickly and he will not forget it easily   .in teaching world the teacher must be creative and to be creative in some field . that's mean you love this field and you love what are you doing . and in this huge world the places are different.  there is a very modern places where you can find a classroom full of material.  and there is other places are not very modern and there is less materials so you must fond a solution.  this the first case. the second case is even in a classroom full of materials this materials sometimes are not enough so the teacher must add his own touch. and sometimes this materials it doesn't fill the objective of the teacher's ideas . so here the teacher he got to be creative and he must concrete what's in his imagination in the real world. now if we look to the first case a classroom with materials. here the teacher job will be easy . because there is the  all what he needs. he just must make this material working  and he make it  matches the lesson subject. the other thing the teacher will do here. is to find different combination between the material so it won't  be boring after using it many times . but this it doesn't mean that  the teacher will  find/search  a new materials and new ideas . the second case is the real test for the teacher's imagination. for example there's a  intermediate classroom and there is no materials provided in this classroom .no intelligent board or cd player nothing . and you must teach the future tense . for example a creative teacher he would draw two men  . one opposite to the other  and one of them is holding a ball . and the other man his hands are up . so the ball holder is Mr B and the other is Mr C . then you ask the students tell me in your opinion what Mr B will do to that ball . and what Mr C will do . this example it can be printed in a paper and be shown to the students. or the teacher can bring a real ball  and make two students do this play . there is so many solution to creat effective materials. such as your body. yes the teacher can even make his body a material but not always.  for example you are teaching present tense to the students for  the present continuous the teacher can walk around the classroom and ask the students what am i doing now? .  or for the present simple the teacher can ask the students showing his chair near the desk.  usually who sits there? after they answer the teacher asks them again the teacher usually what he do in that chair near the desk ? . the teacher can do this with the board too . or he bcan print a picture with a dog and a dog house in it and he ask the students  normally the dog what he do in his house? . and there is a million and million ideas of making an effective materials to the learners.     the materials are very important and its developing by time . but the teacher creativity must always be there.