Teach English in Bailingmiao Zhen - Baotou Shi

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Challenges faced in teaching beginner students. Teaching English abroad is an adventure in itself,an adventure which have its challenges and limitations.l'm going to talk about challenges that foreign teachers will face when they are teaching English to beginner students. In order to be able to teach english effectively it is important that the teacher get to know a little about the students' language.This can be a real challenge to teachers if they do not know anything about their learners' language.I will take an example of teaching English to primary school kids who have never learned English before,this is real struggle for both the teacher and students because the kids already have a foundation of their own language and because of that they relate to English language based on their understanding of their native language.Their reading,listening and even writing skills are influenced by their native or first language. The other challenge that is faced is the failure to establish teacher student relationship because of language barrier.As much as the students can be interested, they can not express themselves to the teacher because they don't know anything yet about the new language that they are learning. I personally have faced a number of challenges which included the student asking me a question about what l was teaching and because l don't know chinese language l didn't understand what the student was asking.This can be so frustrating to the students when they know they can not receive answers to their questions.Another challenge that l faced is failure to explain concepts which led to students not understanding what l was teaching. The teacher must be able to speak little of the learners language so that learners can understand. In school facilities where students do not learn English they also don't have teaching materials.Everything that is to be used to teach the students from the Alphabet to phonics and numbers the teacher have to introduce.This is so challenging as it consume a lot of time for the teacher to prepare all the teaching material. Students fear of foreign teachers is also a common challenge ,many students can be afraid of the teacher if he or she is of different skin colour. Many learners who are beginners find it so difficult to pronounce certain English words,the teacher have to spend a lot of time teaching how to pronounce and assessing the progress. Mantaining discipline in the classroom is very difficult for the teacher as the teacher might not be able to get the class under can also be a challenge to motivate young learners because they might not know the importance of learning English. The challenge can also be motivating the learners to like English language.These challenges the teacher faces when teaching beginners.Among other challenges that are encountered by teaching beginners,many of them cerculate between the teacher and students.Another challenge can actually emanate from the parent or guardian of the learner,l'm talking about the young ones,be it kindergarten kids,primary school students or even high school students. Primary school students for example if they have never learned English at that age it can really be a challenge to finally understand and flow smoothly in the lessons and participation.Some parents even go the extent of challenging the teacher's teaching skills.This is common in remote areas where people usually have their own different perspective of things .This is one of the challenge l actually faced because the student's performance was not so good especially pronounciation.The parents decided he should drop the subject.Though teaching beginners can be a bumpy ride,it is all worth it in the end when you finally see that all your efforts are not invain by the results that you see in the learners.l prefer teaching beginner students because to me it is like art,l started it,l have to finish it.