Teach English in BAyinhuA Zhen - Baotou Shi

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The role of the teachers is extremely important. Many students think that their teachers are role models and everything their teachers do are right. So, they will imitate the teachers’manners. And the teacher should behave in a professional manner. Besides, the teacher will become more wonderful when they care about the students’ social lives. So, I write about the topic: “ Role of the teacher in creating positive relationships between teachers and students” here. Developing a positive relationship brings tremendous and long – lasting benefits to student’s lives, not only in school but also in society. A student will perform better in class if they feel the teacher’s appreciate, recognition and care. The students also want to be love and cared for. They feel valued if the teacher not only cares about their grades but also their happiness and social life. So, the teachers should do something to develope the relationship between teachers and students. I will give some ideas as follows: Firstly, at the first lesson, the teachers should introduce some information about their lives such as hobbies, interests, teaching job or a little about curriculum vitae .... This openness helps students feel closer and more comfortable. So, they can connect and talk to you like the teacher did with them. It is easier for students to share their difficulties in their studying. Secondly, when teaching a new class, the teachers should try to collect any possible information about them. It may be their names, hobbies, family circumstances... This will be helpful when the teachers communicate with students and they will feel important if the teachers know something about them. Specially, the teachers shoud try their best to remember all their students’names in class. The students will be very happy if the teachers can remember and call their names exactly and often Thirdly, for the first few minutes before the start of lesson, the teachers can tell a funny story, a film or an event...which students care and this will make them feel excited. This is an interesting way to start a lesson. When teaching in class, the teachers don’t forget to bring their humors. Students will feel more relaxed and comfortable. Besides, teachers and students should join outdoor activities such as camping, picnic, or doing volunteer together so that teachers and students can share and understand each other better. Finally, as teachers, we should be always ready when our students need help. In fact, many students need help about something they don’t want to talk with their parents or friends. The teachers shoud spend more time for their students by coming to class early or staying after school later to be ready to talk and share with them like friendly and helpful friends. The teachers who have positive relationships with students will help improve their learning situation. This is because students can easily access the help of the teachers when they have difficulty in class. And because they are always motivated to study harder if they know that the teachers always pay attention to them. We can see the circle which includes parents – students – teachers to understand how important the role of teacher is. So, the teachers not only have to be professional by approaching the modern and effective teaching methods but also try best to create positive relationships with students. The great teachers will be their great friends and they also will create great students.