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Classroom Management is the skill of organizing and managing the class , having a friendly ,relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. The teacher must be able to know the right time to inspire students’ confidence, when to leave the students alone etc. It doesn’t matter whether you are an extrovert teacher or introvert teacher . The point we should realize the important of better classroom management and know how to manage the classroom effectively . The reason why I think good classroom management is important is not only helping the students to learn effectively, but also helping to establish rapport . When I taught in a publish school in Thailand two years ago and I found the class couldn’t run smoothly every time that made so frustrated. The students ,aged from 9 to 12 ,have been learning English for years ,however, in my experience ,this doesn’t seem to be the case for a majority of students. They’re accustomed to rote memorization ,some don’t feel confident in their English skills, some are not motivated . But more than that is the culture influences. They prefer drawing, dancing or other activities than learning English . And then I realized the main thing is I didn’t have a good classroom management . In other words , I didn’t build rapport with the students . The ways to help that situation I tried are as followings. Establishing rapport. The first thing I do is to know everyone’s name or a little basic information about each other’s students and try to call them randomly rather than only focus on the active students. It really helps me get more eye contacts. Compared choose the materials only I’m interested or I think it’s good for them, I choose materials and activities that related to their cultures and not too hard for them . Encourage the students talking to each other and sharing personal ideas. About the teaching process , taking more time on the engage phase , changing pairs frequently , get the students to help each other ,etc. Last not least, don’t forget to smile. Eye contact ,gesture and the voice. The students who are not all motivated to learn English are easy attract by other things like talking to others , sleeping or making noise. Eye contact is one of the effective way .Good eye contact not only help teachers to hold the attention of students who are not being addressed ,but also help teachers to ensure whether the students understand or not , encourage contributions ,to signal students to start ,stop or get a move on and to maintain discipline. Good use of features can also help teachers run the lesson smoothly and I think it’s more obvious to get the students’s attention. Gestures can convey the meaning of language , add visual interests, increase the pace of the lesson and to reduce the need for verbal explanation. A dull monotone will.create boredom and lead to students not paying attention and misbehaving. So I change my voice naturally according to the circumstances , especially after the activities . Eye contact , gesture and the voice are three good ways to help me to manage the classroom. Grouping students. Teachers can’t notice each student especially in a large class, so grouping students is a good choice to mange classroom. I prefer pair-work other than whole-class work or group work cause it’s easy to control and not make too much noisy as well as increase opportunity for students talking time and interaction between them. Pair -work also make a safe environment to help the students who are not confident with their English skills . Let the students work on their own on the study phase is necessary to check whether they have acquired the knowledge. Except all above , as a teacher , I tried different classroom arrangement, using OHP and cards to avoid turning back to the students , giving instructions effectively ,etc. That’s the ways to do better classroom management .