Teach English in DamaobArun Gongye Yuanqu - Baotou Shi

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All the people know about Private lessons (one to one lessons or individual lesson) and group lessons. May wonder what the difference is? Let’s discuss some of the most obvious differences between private lessons and group Lessons. Group lessons are designed with consideration of support and encouragement. Students work together towards common goals. The groups are always fun, amazing, positive and enjoyable. This is an opportunity to practice live communication not only with the teacher, but also with other students. This is very useful, because in life, in addition to native speakers, you will often find those who have an English as a foreign language. In this class you have mixed levels of students which makes for teacher more difficult in preparation of the lesson. Private lessons are designed with a different approach. Student convenience is one of the things considered among others. A student selects the most appropriate time she or he can have to have lessons. This kind of lessons is a less budgetary, but no less popular way to learn a language. It has a number of advantages that justify its cost. Individual lessons also have a number of advantages for the teacher : In your class you have only one level students (no mixed levels) which makes easier to plane the lesson; teacher will often be the partner of the student. Interaction – enjoyable learning. Studying with a group is a great way to liven up your study sessions. Joining a study group and studying in a group environment makes learning much more fulfilling and enjoyable which is quite different in Private lessons. It can be very monotonous and draining to spend time alone somewhere having lessons compared to learning in a group. Different Perspectives. Each group member has different qualities or ideas to offer to the study group. Studying by yourself will always get you one perspective; yet, in groups, you may receive various viewpoints which can assist in helping you reach your own conclusions. Crash Course. If you want to learn English but you are always busy with you work or study, then crash course is for you. A moment comes and you have a month’s time leave, yes you can study a course in the shortest possible time and this is only possible in private Lessons (one to one lessons). You will realise that it is a bit different when it comes to Group Classes since classes follow a known Timetable. The opportunity to skip the class. The opportunity to skip the class. You do not run the risk of "falling out of the topic” when you are taking lessons one to one. A new topic will not be completed without you. What about the group classes ? When you miss a class you have no opportunity to repeat the same class again and you can be totally lost for the following topics. The attention of the teacher. One hundred percent attention of the teacher is another bonus of personal lessons. The ability to hang on one as much as needed allows you to work at the right pace. And the ability to choose or propose a topic of interest to you lesson will make the learning process more interesting and motivating. In a group lessons teacher has to share attention between whole group. Training in a playful way. Role-playing games and other group activities are a fun and effective way to practice conversational English. The opportunity to learn new or recall forgotten vocabulary is another advantage of the gaming lessons in the group. When you are learning one to one there is not so many role-game for playing and there is no possibility in the class to practice conversation in English with other learners. The ability to learn from the mistakes of others (group lessons). “Learn from mistakes” - this expression is also true in the case of learning English. The more mistakes will be corrected in the lesson, the more correct models and designs you will hear. This will allow even in the bud to stop the misuse of words, incorrect pronunciation and other inaccuracies in speech. If we are talking about privet lessons you can learn only from your mistakes. Summing up: The advantages of one-to-one teaching(one teacher tutors a student wholeheartedly): - A student will get the wholehearted guidance of a teacher. - No other students, some students can stop being shy and relax. - Compared with the small class teaching mode, the teacher's targeted teaching time is greatly increased. - Uninterrupted by others, you can learn at your own pace. - Students’ mistakes can get the most comprehensive and careful guidance from the teacher. -Teachers can answer students' questions instantly. The disadvantages (shortcomings) of one to one teaching: - Compared with small class teaching, tuition is higher. - Students are more required to concentrate in class. - If you don't adapt to the teacher's teaching method, the classroom will become boring. - Because there is no competitor, the enthusiasm for casual learning will easily fade or disappear. The advantages of group teaching(one teacher teaches multiple students at the same time): - Tuition is cheaper. - Can learn with others. - There are competitors and we can encourage each other. The disadvantages (shortcomings) of the small class teaching model: - Easy to lose focus during class. - In class, if there is a problem, it is difficult to get an immediate answer from the teacher. - Errors that occur during learning cannot be corrected by the teacher in a timely manner. -Teacher pays attention to the overall, not well targeted.