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Role of parent in education is very important and is starting in very early age. Engagement of parents and their interest will not only affect higher grades, increase earning credits and promotions, improve attendance, improve behaviour and social skills but also increase enrolment in post-secondary education. This is the reason why also schools are trying to find ways to connect parents to school communities. Elementary school parents many times care more about the happiness of their child than their actual education, which later reflects on their readiness for further education. In that case it might be more difficult to change the ways if the relationship between child and teaching parent is not build since the beginning. Parents are very often too busy to pay enough attention to education of their child especially in the early years. They think that the school will teach them everything necessary. This example is concerning the most parents who are working full time. About the quarter of the parents are not even aware or homework, grades or any other issues regarding their child. Communication is very important not only between parents and children but also parents and school. Regular checks and discussion with the teacher can also help to establish any problems or areas necessary to improve in child education, but also can give parents useful advice on how to help the child to achieve the results necessary. Parents many times think that their only job is to monitor the grades, they don’t visit the regular class meetings or even if they do they only care about the progress not actual problems. Also many times they don’t realize how their behaviour towards the child or towards school and teacher can affect the child’s behaviour. For example making statements or complains about the teacher in the presence of child may reflect on respect and behaviour of the child towards his teacher. Common errors of parents are discussing teacher’s methods of teaching in negative way in front of the child. Allowing to skip school and accepting excuses like that they didn’t have enough time to prepare for test are also very common. Accepting child’s complains about school without further effort to confirm with the other side is also very often a problem of ignorance, where the child complain that the teacher didn’t prepare him or her enough or were going with the lesson too fast. Also overlooking any hitches or issues regarding the school life can have a great impact. There are many ways how parents can help their child with studying at home. Most important is a pleasant environment and atmosphere. It is proven that children coming from families where arguments and shouting are on daily bases, have problem with concentration and also motivation to study. Making comfortable working space to study and encouraging the child to do his homework well to get an excellent marks might bring the drive up. Always speak to your child about how was the day, if there were any problems, what was the best during the day. This will promote pleasant memories connected with school. Child needs to feel the helping hand anytime needed, and also prising the child for her good achievements are encouraging and motivational. We can also include some personal experience from school years setting a good example. Child needs to feel safe and secure at home. That’s why it is a perfect place to discuss any concerns connected to school. When the child see the interest and involvement of the parent, it is more likely that the child will put more effort to make his parents happy and to be proud of him.