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By Ahmed El-Sayed Taha ITTT. Certificate in Teaching English for Young Learners – Research Assignment 30th of December 2019 Abstract This research highlights the importance of grammar whether in teaching or learning a foreign language. Moreover, it shows different methods of teaching grammar. Introduction It is a matter of fact that grammar is a very important aspect of any language. “A person who can communicate using a specific language, unconsciously or consciously is aware of the structure of the grammar of that specific language” (Kumar, 2013). Kumar showed a unique example in order to prove the importance of grammar. Grammar is a valuable tool. Grammar is very useful and important to the learner in many aspects. These aspects can be study opportunities, job opportunities, social skills or even a boost of confidence. Nowadays, knowing grammar can help second language learners and natives alike understanding different English dialects. Although it can be difficult to admit it, if someone speaks accurately we try to subconsciously put them in a certain level of steam and feel that they have more power than someone who is still faces difficulties with the language. “Do not be shy from teaching grammar, although if it is not your suitable suit or if you are aware of your learners would not be happy once you start” (Yvette Smith. April 2017). The importance of grammar in English language is a famous debate. Some theorists have thought that it is important in language learning, on the other hand it is not more than a group of rules and includes some exercises for a particular part of a sentence; something that can be done easily. A close look at the debate we can find that grammar has a real impact on all the skills of language learning which are (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) which has been recognized. Even the important influence of grammar in teaching and improving writing has been accepted, its effect on listening, reading and speaking has been taken in consideration. Grammar is the base of the language of English. Specially, English as a foreign or a second language cannot be acquired naturally; structure learning and instruction are important. While learning grammar an ESL learner knows how to operate at the sentence. Useful methods for teaching grammar. Diagraming sentences: It is one of the old forms of grammar teaching. It is firstly known in the 19th century. It involves visual maps of the sentence structure. It is helpful for visual learners. There is no place for this method in modern teaching. However, there are a variety of forms of this method. For instance, “The Reed-Kellogg System to grammar dependency, but all function organization of a sentence that shows the grammatical relation between words” (Sarah Macfedyen. October 2015). Interactive teaching: this method refers to the use of activities in the classroom. For instance, games, stories and other activities that can be used to teach grammar in a funny and active way. Besides, this method can engage the students and encourage them to remember everything they learn. It allows the teacher to tolerate his lessons to the variable learning styles. For example, each learner can be provided with flashcards that include words, and learners should arrange themselves physically into a sentence. This method has been developed through the years for helping the teacher to be able to present grammar in a suitable and new way. Deductive teaching: “the deductive method of teaching grammar is a method that gives an attention to instruction before practice. Teachers provide students with an in-depth explanation of grammatical rules before applying those grammatical concepts into practice. Students can use those acquired rules in their writing and they are expected to practice what they have learned in a mechanical way by using worksheets. References Pradeep Kummar. (May 2013). The Importance of Grammar in English Language Teaching. ISSN 1930-2940. (Volume, 13:5). Sarah Macfadyen. (22nd of October 2015). Different Methods of Teaching Grammar. Yvette Smith. (April 18, 2017). Teaching Grammar: How important is it really?