Teach English in Huaishuo Zhen - Baotou Shi

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Couple years ago, I decided to take on the challenge of becoming an English teacher, well back then, my first job as a teacher was as in English language assistant. From there I knew that I wanted to continue teaching English. It has been by far the best experience I’ve had, not only was I out of my home country, I was also joining a field where I had absolutely no experience. And when I tell you it was a challenge, I mean it, it took me few weeks to get a custom to my new life. Although it took me quite some time get the rhythm of teaching every day just kept getting easier and easier. With the support of the teachers I was able to accomplish my goals in the school. During my time in Spain as an English language assistant I Learned so much at the house now helped me become a better English teacher. I now teach online and the dynamic is completely different with online and in class. I have the opportunity to be able to compare both of them and I can tell you many pros and cons of each. However, I feel that the most important in both type of classes would be classroom management. As a teacher you have to be very careful when it comes to managing a classroom, there are so many details that sometimes we don't even think about. Even though I was an English language assistant the teachers would allow me to teach the entire class by myself, which I am so grateful they did so because I was able to learn a lot from it. It was great having their support during the class because they were able to correct me if I made any mistakes. I was able to earn the students trust and respect which made class flow much smoother for me. I believe that it is crucial for the students to feel respected in a classroom, if you are giving them respect, they will give you the same back. Although the students in my main classes ranged from four to ten years old, I was able to control the class for the most part. Think of how difficult managing a class with children can be. At the end of the day I believe it's the relationship you maintain with his children. I always begin my classes with the routines we had, saying the date, the weather for that day and a song we had learned during the unit we were working on. It wasn't just a routine but something they also enjoyed too, our songs were fun and energetic. At the end of our routine I had their full attention and we would continue with class. Once class began and we began working on activities in groups, I made sure the right students were with each other. At least to me it is important to not have favorites in class, I normally paired those fast learners with those who were not. This would balance the class and they were able to help each other out. As always paying close attention to those who needed extra help to be able to assist them whenever they need it. I could say I had very successful classrooms, I compared different classrooms to mine, and I can truly say I was very satisfied with the work I did, and they did the whole school year. Like I mentioned before creating that relationship with the student is crucial for the classroom. You are able to tell a lot from their behavior which could be to your advantage when creating activities. Although I made it sound easy there were some challenges, but I was able to overcome them. There are no problems with no solutions. My classes online are completely different because I only have four students at the most, compared to 26 to 30 students in an in-class. They are much easier to handle as I can focus more on one at a time. My experiences with both classes have been amazing, I look forward to teaching adults in the future but for now I will stick to my children.