Teach English in Xiashihao Zhen - Baotou Shi

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in this situation we have two different group. before starting teaching we have to know whats is the difference between this two group. first group are high school students. the ones are in special age . with different reactions in different situation and very special part of life . so its very important how to understood them in class and choose subject . we have to make lessons attractive for them as teacher and make attention between this group with what we will teach them . second thing which i think its too important is , they came in class because they have to do . so some of them can hate class . no matter how many of them but the most important part is how control them by subjects and make english attractive for them . for example , most student in this age love listen music . which we can make group of students and ask them to listen different music and tell to the class what singer talk about. second group are university students. this age is different with first group( high-school student) . they came to university by they own choose . and they try to learn by themself and practice for them .the important thing is subject of english lessons which we will choose for them to study . of course lessons are more difficult compares with another group and this kind of lesson. and subjects are more special . for example we have architecture university students and we know that which they love architecture. with this information we will use special trick and we will found subject which including architecture material inside. of course they will enjoy that and they will learn easily about that lesson . this are some of differences teaching between high school student and university students. there is too many difference between this two group which we have know about that . it can be in different part like : subjects , age, region , culture , etc . which we focus especially on subject , which we have to attention on them for teaching this two group. another thing we have to pay attention on it in this group are age . as we talked about in above in first group student are very naughty and its very hard to control them in class and teach them english . we will able to teach them by knowing they age behavior . we have to read physiology s books .after that we know how to reaction with this group and make them english attractive for them . second groups age are more different they are more stable behavior. and we can control them easily in class and we can carry class like friend and all together . hich is best happen we can see in teachibg english and both side ( university student and teacher ) enjoy thats times together . in my open different ages have different way to teach them and we have to know how to teach them as teacher and get good and positive result . we able to improve them by experience and study . personally i will do my best to use top and update methods to get good result in my class .