Teach English in Huanren Zhen - Benxi Shi

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Unit 11 Teaching receptive skills This unit covers how to encourage students to use their receptive skills when learning English. By encouraging receptive skills in our students, such as scanning/skimming/ deducing context and searching for detailed information, we can help our students more quickly understand what they a reading and not get to bogged down when encountering new types of text. When delivering a session it is always good to pre teach new essential vocabulary that the students will be encountering during the lesson and should be using during the study phase. Authentic and non authentic texts usage should also be given thought as beginner students will struggle with authentic texts and there by not gain much from its usage at such an early stage. Using topics that all of the class can find interesting will be more beneficial as the students will be much more engaged, create interest with the use of media such as pictures and recordings Tasks should have realistic achievable goals yet still be challenging, word jigsaws and jumbles are a good example.