Teach English in Wulidianzi Zhen - Benxi Shi

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          Unit 11 focuses on teaching receptive skills, which are the reading and listening skills of a language. It talks about language as a problem learners face when reading and a number of things the teacher can do to solve this problem, like pre-teaching vocabulary and carefully selecting text. We learn here that when teaching receptive skills, teachers should choose topics that are of interest to the learners and not topics that he finds interesting. In order to keep students motivated and engaged, teachers should create interest by discussing the topic or even showing pictures. Teachers should give tasks that are neither not too easy, nor too difficult. The unit also makes mention of a number of basic keys to successful receptive lessons like; choosing interesting materials, building interest before reading, pre-teaching complex vocabulary etc.          Reading and listening are equally very important language skills that teachers must train learners to use effectively. It will be helpful if teachers learn and know the interest of their learners as it will help in choosing suitable topics. Teachers should always bear in mind the level of the students so that he/she doesn’t choose topics, tasks or activities that are below or above the students’ level, they have to be challenging but at the same time achievable.