Teach English in Chengxi Zhen - Changchun Shi

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By watching these videos, I got an excellent example of a poor class session and a good class session. I was surprised to see the sharp difference in tone between the two videos! In the first video, it is apparent that neither the instructor nor the students were comfortable in the situation. The students, therefore, were confused and unable to experiment with English through class participation. In the second video, however, the instructor built rapport with the students right from the start. He maintained an open body posture and tried to engage all of the students equally. I liked that he introduced himself at the start of the course and got to know each student by name. The instructor was able to read the students in order to provide more explanations and prompting, and also was able to shift naturally to the next phase of the lesson throughout the video. After watching these videos, I feel confident that I can pinpoint appropriate teaching behaviors and practices when observing an instructor in an EFL classroom.