Teach English in Dajiagou Zhen - Changchun Shi

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In Unit 10,The students are given some ideas on how to give a lesson effectively by providing the students a live English language classes that is carried out.Here shows and can compare how not so effective approach of teaching the first video demo class is.The teacher does not start with an introduction, he instead proceeds to the lesson and starts asking his students question after question and that makes the students confused and intimidated.They can't follow the lesson and can't participate and interact well in the class.One of the things I felt in the first demo video class and finds the teacher a bit unethical as he doesn't call the students by their names, instead pointing at them whenever he asks questions. In the Lesson two, the teaching style is way much better successful and effective to the students compared to the first lesson.The educator gives a very positive attitude to the class that makes all the students show interest, motivated and reciprocally active.