Teach English in Gongpeng Zhen - Changchun Shi

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Unit 10 has two recorded real lessons of the same teacher and in the same group of Thai students. These 2 lessons are completely different as the first one shows us a lot of mistakes in teacher's behaviour and in his way of introducing material to the students. First of all I would like to point out irrespectful attitude of the teacher. He looks indifferent towards the atmosphere in the class and the lesson structure, looks like he is not prepared and all the time in hurry. He does not know names of the students, keeps pointing on them with the finger, checking his mobile while students are working on their worksheets. He reprimands students when they give incorrect answers. In my understanding the way how the lesson is given is completely incorrect. Students are confused because they don't understand what teacher wants to hear from them and they show lack of understanding of the topic given. The drill exercise looks to be just choral repetion and nothing more, because teacher could not hear how each student pronounce the word. The game in Activate phase is given without any explanation of the rules, teacher just tells students what to do, shows his preferences to the only one group of students. The way how the game and lesson are finished completely inappropriate. I would not be happy to participate in such a lesson:). On the contrary in the second lesson the teacher is respectful, smily, confident and fully prepared for the lesson. Students show their interest and excitement to the subject they learn.