Teach English in Guojia Zhen - Changchun Shi

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In this unit 2 videos were shown with two completely different teaching approaches. This resume will be more focused on what was wrongly made in class 1, where teacher’s behavior sometimes was so unpleasant that made the students feel uncomfortable. That leads us to a main teaching principle: building rapport with students is very important, since students' success is intricately connected to the contact between them and teachers. When the relationship between teacher and student thrives, that encourages an active learning where the student no longer just sits in the class listening but becomes part of it. By having an active participation in class, students will be able to relate what they are learning with daily situations, making the learning process more effective and natural. Given that each person will learn in a different way, their engagement in class will bring diversity and allows the teacher the opportunity to teach in different ways. It is important that students receive prompt feedback regarding their performance so they are able to improve and assess themselves. In class 1 the teacher was poorly prepared, unmotivated and transmitted very low expectations about his student’s accomplishments. If you don’t believe in your student’s capacity you’re not only failing them but also boycotting yourself.