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Over the years, most parents who are regarded as ‘working parents’ because they work long hour jobs and those who do not have full-time jobs but other engagements, have seemingly left their children’s education in the hands of teachers. However, this should not be the case as parents need to work hand in hand with teachers to ensure the overall good performance of their children. During my high school years I got to experience first-hand, the positive impact of parents being involved in their child’s school work through the student’s grades as well as the overall development of the school. It would happen that the student would be receiving an award of achievement during price giving and her parents would announce an award every year for the three years I was in high school for the overall best student in a chosen academic year. This encouraged my colleague to work hard as she did not want to disappoint her parents and also encouraged the rest of us to work hard in out studies in an attempt to receive the award. Therefore, one can maintain that one role of the parents among many is to motivate their children and/or give them support as far as their education is concerned. Another reason as to why the parents role in education is important is so that they are able to assist their children with homework, with focus on areas that could prove challenging to the student/ their child. Once this is the case the student gets deepened understanding of the area. Once this is the case they are able to engage more in the classroom as they would be more knowledgeable through the revision they would have done with their parents. To further add on to this point, it is of great importance to mention that the student’s confidence can be heightened thereby removing any element of the fear to participate in class. Other than parents acting as motivators and assistants in the completion of assignments, they can also engage with their children’s teachers to monitor their children’s performance as well as ensure that they get the proper help they may need as far as improving their performance is concerned. An example of this could be in cases where the child is not doing well in school and the parents can make it a point to find out from the child’s teachers which areas they need help with and then see to it that they source a tutor to work with the student and get his or her grades up. The parent can also aid through encouraging their child who is shy in class to speak up and also give examples through role models on the benefits or importance of working hard at school. This can drive the student to be like the person they look up to as such contribute to their improvement in grades. In closing it is important to highlight that the education system is an institution made up of a triangle which consists of the teacher, students and parents working together for the common goal of ensuring that the student gets the best there is from it and leaves being a well-informed and well-rounded individual. Henceforth, the parents’ role in education is very critical.