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CTEYL 50 Hour Summative Task Leigh R. Kelly 5 Activities with Flashcards Games are often used in the classroom to aid in the learning process. They are effective in keeping attention and interest by making learning fun. Flashcards are a useful tool when learning English and can be used in many games and activities. Flashcards can contain anything from pictures of fruits and animals to numbers and vocabulary words. The website provides many different games involving flashcards. All games could be adapted to any level of a learner, but the following games were chosen for younger children keeping in mind their need to move around and have fun in order to remain focused and interested. "But a child's attention span - their willingness to stay rooted in one activity- is often fairly short." (Harmer, 2007) Musical Flashcards puts a twist on musical chairs. The students walk in a circle with flashcards on the floor as the music plays. Once the music stops, the teacher yells out a flashcard and then the students race to step on the designated card. The student who gets there first gets to keep the card for a point and the music starts again. This flashcard game could be used as a warm-up review for the class of what the students learned in the previous lesson. This game would also be a good way to have the kids use up some energy if they get too antsy in class. Hint Animal Game is a good review of animals. The teacher holds up cards, but does not show the picture to the class, and gives hints, i.e. "1. I am yellow. 2. I have long hair. 3. I am strong." ( This game can also be adapted to suit any level of learner if needed. Bean Bag Toss is another good way to learn or review vocabulary. The flashcards are placed on the floor face down, and the students toss a bean bag on one of the cards. They turn the card over and have to say the name of whatever is on the card. This could be a good team game to play and even adapted to be a memory or matching game depending on how many cards are available to use. An example would be having two cards of the same animal and the students would have to throw the bean bag on one card and then try to throw the bean bag on the matching card. Alphabet Soup is a great activity for young children. It helps them practice their letters and matching skills. Plastic letters are placed in a bucket and students take turns pulling letters out. They then go find the flashcard that corresponds to the letter they pulled. Finally, another fun flashcard activity is called Zoo Game. It is perfect for young learners. They get to practice animal vocabulary and make animal noises. The students are placed on the floor around the room and randomly assigned flashcards with animals on them. The teacher then walks around the room and asks the students questions. But the student can only respond with the sound of their assigned animal. These five flashcard activities are fun and entertaining and will help young children learn. They will help with letters, numbers, vocabulary themes such as animals, clothes, fruits or other foods, etc. They can be adapted to suit the level of the students and the lesson of the day. They will keep young learners engaged and interested in the lesson and will help them stay active when they need to blow off some steam. References: “ESL Kids Flashcard Games & Activities.” ESL KidStuff, Focal Point EdTech Lda., Harmer, Jeremy. How to Teach English. Pearson Longman, 2007.