Teach English in Dayao Zhen - Changsha Shi

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There are a number of differences between teaching English as a Foreign Language online and onsite in a classroom setting. While the mechanics and teaching content will stay mostly the same, there are things like classroom seating, or very active games that somebody teaching online doesn’t have to worry about. There may also be some things that an online teacher may have to focus on more than an onsite teacher does though, for example facial expressions are easier to read because they are typically closer than they would be in a classroom. Maintaining a positive and encouraging demeanor including facial expression, tone of voice, or hand gestures is important for all English teachers, but perhaps even more so for somebody teaching online, as it would be hard to encourage students in other ways that might be available to a teacher who is onsite, such as rewards or favors in the classroom. Teaching pronunciation may also be easier for a teacher online because you are a lot closer and the students would be able to see and imitate the movements of the mouth and lips better than in a classroom setting. Online teaching would also have the benefit of being location independent for both the teacher and the student, depending on the level of technology available to them. Another benefit with one on one online teaching would be that it would be easier to schedule around other activities or responsibilities for the teacher and student, as long as they can work around each other’s schedule. This may make it easier for the student to spend much more time learning the language, and perhaps this might even motivate them more. On the other hand it may also be hard to teach an effective online lesson if you are trying to determine how proficient your student is in the language the entire time! Teaching online to little kids may also present some of it’s own challenges, as they will likely get distracted easier by their own surroundings, or may just not have any motivation or interest in learning from somebody that is on a flat screen in front of them, rather than an onsite teacher who may capture their attention more in real life. While teaching onsite and teaching multiple students, typically you have a set time and place that is strict and immovable depending on how many people’s schedules you’d have to work around if you needed to change the time of the class. Of course, that may not be true with onsite teaching with just one student at a time, but I believe that is far less common. Teaching the same class repeatedly onsite would have its advantages, as you would be able to more effectively cater to each student’s strengths and weaknesses since you would be able to get to know the students better individually than if you only saw them once. From what I know, having the opportunity to work with students online more than once may be less likely, depending on the type of online work you may be involved in. Having their peers around them and learning the same material in an onsite class may motivate some students to learn more, just simply by having others to compare and compete with. Another disadvantage to onsite teaching large classes may be that if a student is unable to attend the class, they may very well miss out on material that they really need to improve on, while the rest of the class that attended gains proficiency in that area, and is already moving onto the next topic by the next class. Some teachers may prefer only seeing the same students once though, as the lessons would likely be less in-depth and more so a conversation, or very simple lessons that can be fully taught in the length of that single lesson. Overall there are many advantages and disadvantages to both online and onsite teaching, just like there are many different ways that an English teacher may choose to teach their students.