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When I first started college to become a schoolteacher, everybody said that the first 10 years after graduation would be the hardest. A year later I changed majors to kindergarten teacher, and everybody still said the same thing. People explained that for every lesson and activity that you do with students you have to plan, execute and revise. After 10 years you will have gone to the same lessons several times and you will have perfected the lesson to a certain point where you just have to do smaller adjustments to each class. Going into a lesson you must plan to be able to teach the subject. Thinking through the theme or subject for the lesson, activities or methods to teach the lesson, students, classroom and materials, goals and evaluate. These factors are a part of a model called didaktisk relasjonsmodell in Norwegian, similar to the plans given to us during unit 11. The plan should include a rough sketch or estimated time for when things will happen during the lesson. As I plan lessons or activities, I take into consideration these factors. What am I teaching and how will I do it? What methods or activities should I include in the lesson? What can I have as backup in case students finish early or the lessons does not engage the students? How many students are there? What are their interests? What can go wrong? What should the students have learned or achieved by the end of the lesson? What limitations are there on the room or the materials? And how can I evaluate the lesson to better it for next time the subject taught? As a teacher you must find the way to lesson plan that works for you. The plan should be simple and easy to read. It should also be easy to change in case something happens or catch the interest of the students. The plan is not a manuscript but a structure for a teacher to help them trough the lesson and make sure each part is covered. I always think that in case I’m sick another teacher should be able to take my plan and execute it themselves. Therefore, it must be easy to read and understand. With a plan a teacher is prepared for the lesson and you can make sure it is as optimal as possible. You have a guide to help you though the lesson and you have a record showing what you have covered. Following a lesson has been taught you have to evaluate what happened. What went wrong and what was good? Did you change anything during the lesson? How did you as a teacher do? What did the students think and how did they respond? Were the goals you set reached? Will you teach the lesson the same way at another time? Revision and evaluation are crucial to planning as it helps you look back and think through the lesson. Thinking though these questions helps you revise the plan and make changes. This will help you the next time you are teaching the same subject. I think everybody telling me that the first 10 years of teaching are very hard and requires a lot of work were telling me the truth. Planning lessons and getting experience teaching will help you later in your career but requires a lot of hard work and late hours. Having plans to aid your planning, to guide you through a lesson and to use as a record gives you something to look back at. You can look back at the old plan and bring the successful parts into the next lesson. Over several years you will have made many plans, hopefully covering a wide range of different subjects for different ages. Then, when you next must plan a lesson for a subject you have covered earlier, you have one or more documents with a plan and revision to help you plan new lessons. Lesson planning is to help you as a teacher think through a subject or class before you go intro the lesson and to help you make sure you cover the subject thoroughly. 41. Lesson planning Wordcount: 691 words